"Naked Babies"

Peter loves his bath time. . .he also loves to ‘swim’ in the bathtub. When Pete was smaller, we would use funny phrases, like ‘naked babies’, after bathtime. He loved being ‘naked babies’ because he knew that meant it was lotion time too!
A couple months ago, I had to take Peter to one of my OBGYN appointments. I was a little nervous to see how well he would behave in such a small room, where we would be sitting and waiting for the doctor. I brought some toys, and left him in his stroller, hoping that he would have enough distactions to keep him entertained for a while. My nurse told me to strip from the waist down, and to throw the sheet (overwhelming plush – an exaggeration) over myself and that the doctor would be in shortly (I think they’re required to tag that last part on to any sentence). Peter did pretty well, until the doctor came in and started to check me (in sterups, none the less). Peter, I don’t think, had ever seen that part of me before, at least that naked. His eyes got really big and he shouted “Mommy’s naked babies!!!!”. My doctor and nurse appreciated that comment and just laughed it off!


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