There’s a Smile!

Wait for it. . .

. . .wait for it. . .

There it is!

‘Baby James’, as Peter still likes to call him, is really sensitive to touch. Meaning, he likes it enough to smile every time you touch his check or tickled his legs or caress his little head. He LOVES it!!! So, tomorrow we venture for our first Peter & James pictures! We are getting a load done all at once. . .Peter’s 3rd yr. ones, James’ 3rd mnth. ones, and their (first ever ‘professional’) joint Easter pictures. I made the appointment for Friday afternoon, so that Tim could go and help out. I know how difficult it was to take ONE baby to get pictures, so I’m sure that TWO kids isn’t going to be any easier. They have adorable outfits. . .I can’t wait!


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