We have now made it a family tradition to take the kids to ‘Touch-A-Truck’ day at a local park/school. Peter loved it so much last year, that we just had to go again! Plus, it was really close to our house this year, so that was a added bonus! Peter went right to the little talking school bus.

A lady was standing close by, talking into a head mic, with a voice box that changed her voice into this cute little sound. Peter was amazed by this. He didn’t know that there was a lady talking through the bus and thought the bus was actually talking to HIM! On the way home he said “Mommy!!! Buster (the bus) knew my name!!!”

Then, it was off to the firetruck, Peter remembered to wear his firefighter hat too!

James even got into a little of the action, and he dressed appropriately with his new fire-truck shirt!

Testing out the buses. . .

Peter got to sit in a huge semi truck too. . .

Casually Cruis’n in a Police Cruiser. . .

Getting hands on experience with a bulldozer. . .

Peter was most intrigued by the big dump truck. The driver kept lifting and lowering the back so that the kids could watch, Peter was in awe! I told Tim, “I bet these guys don’t think of their job as cool until a day like today. . .with all the kids just overwhelmed with these vehicles!”

Run, Peter, run!!!

The good ol’ Cable T.V. truck. . .

Tim jokingly said that they should’ve called this event, “Touch A Horn Day” instead of “Touch A Truck Day”, because ALL the kids did was blast the horns! You could hear this place from a mile away. Most of the workers had ear plugs, or were simply used to the noise, while others talked about bringing some next year! We had a marvelous time! And, as our new (2nd time. . .that counts as a tradition, right?) tradition begins, we (again) went to McDonalds afterwards for a hearty breakfast, and Peter got to play indoors. He was showing early signs of ‘spoiledness’ as we left. He began crying because we were leaving and he threw a fit because we weren’t going back to see Buster the Bus. Well, I guess that means he REALLY did enjoy his time today! As did we!


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