Downtown Dayton’s Holiday Festival

Tim and I decided that THIS year was the year to try to get downtown, for their annual Holiday Festival.
We rode rides and had lots of fun!
. . .And it was quite a challenge holding onto BOTH boys, while the moving horses got me off balance!

James had a hard time holding on, but Peter loved the Merry-Go-Round so much, that he begged us to go on another ride, so off we went to the ‘cars’! He held my hand while we waited in line, looked up at me with those big blue eyes and asked, “Mommy, can I ride this one by myself this time?” It broke my heart, . . . he didn’t need me to be brave anymore, but I also smiled because I knew that he was growing up!

We went inside to warm up really quickly, and found an old fashion sleigh. So, we took advantage of the moment and got some cute pictures of the boys.

We got some hot chocolate to share and then got front row seats near the Christmas tree, in the center of downtown, and enjoyed all of the festivities around us.

James slept through the tree lighting, but Peter loved watching the big tree light up! It was the “biggest tree he ever saw!”
It was a full evening of FUN for us all!

Merry Christmas!!!!


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