Creation Museum

We have received so many wonderful words of encouragement, cards, letters and even monitary gifts during this duration of Tim’s job loss. So many wonderful, gifted and generous people have gone above and beyond to help us in anyway possible. One of those (of many) gifts was a couple days ago. . . .
In our church mailbox was a card saying, “you’ve been through the ringer, go have some fun!” with a $100 bill in it. We don’t know who it was from, there was no name on the card, just a generous person, full of God’s love.
Tim and I talked it over – we could either
1) Go out somewhere really nice (and $$$) and ‘blow it’ on a super great date . . . .OR
2) Take the whole family out to someone special, far away, and make a whole day of it!

So, we choose the FAMILY DAY!

We packed up the boys early in the morning, (not telling them where we were going) and headed out to Kentucky to the Creation Museum!!!

A most WONDERFUL place to go!

The boys just loved the museum – and we just beat the stormy weather! After we were done inside, we grabbed a bite to eat at ‘Noah’s Cafe’ and then headed to the museum shop – we had enough $ to let the boys pick out a toy of their choice – and OF COURSE, they both picked out dinosaurs!
The museum, itself, was pretty packed – so these pictures are pretty much from outside of the museum – but cute, just the same!!!

Peter, looking out at the gardens.

The Wibbly-Wobbly Bridge . . . Peter really liked it!!

Tim – however – wasn’t super excited about going over it with James in the stroller!

Mommy and Petree!

Petting Zoo Fun:

James wasn’t so sure about this whole ‘touching animals’ thing . . but he got the hang of it!

Ahh. . . Baa-Baa to the rescue! (James always loves him a good baa-baa!!!)

Peter has never seen a camel before, so he kept referring to it as a ‘BIG SHEEP’!

He did get to feed it, though – and that was pretty cool to him!

James – on the other hand – not so thrilled with being that close to a camel!

James, ‘baching’ at the chickens and roosters.

We had a lot of FUN!


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