What they get JUST for being CUTE!

My MIL gave us a coupon for a new donut shop that just went up down the street from us. We had never heard of them before, but figured a ‘Buy 6 – Get 6 Free’ was too good of an offer to pass up – even if they were only so-so!
So, we ran a couple of errands and took the kids there after we were done. They walked in with there eyes big and mouths open

– they KNEW where WE were!!!

The lady at the front asked if they wanted a special surprise . . and filled two little bags with donut holes! The boys were SO happy! Peter and James both told her ‘Thank You’! and Tim and I made our oder – amazing donuts!! I’m a ‘fritter freak’ and just LOVE the apple/cherry fritters . .and they had one that looked like a giant rose! It was so good! So, while we were wrapping up our order, the lady threw in another bakers dozen of the donut holes for the boys – what a special treat! She was super kind! We will definitely go back soon!


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