Another New Do

I had left over money on the gift card that Tim and the boys got me for Mother’s Day. So, I decided to go get my hair cut – again – before my 10 Yr. High School Reunion this Saturday. My last ‘Summer Do’. I had EXACTLY to the dollar amount of what I needed to get a cut and walk out of there paying NOTHING – so you can see my excitement . . .. . oh – did I forget to mention, I FORGOT the gift card at home and had to pay anyway? That’s me, though. Ask my mom. I am SO organized for big things, like vacations, trips, driving the kids places – I remember EVERYTHING . . . . tickets, passes, snacks for the car, juice cups, extra diapers, luggage, maps, sunglasses for everyone, lotion, shampoo, etc. – but the ‘simple’ things in life (purse, phone, giftcards, etc) apparently mess me up often. Oh, well – I actually got another $5 off my next visit, for booking early, and I’m getting highlights again too. All in all, it was still nice and I got one of those head massages again! Totally worth it right there!


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