Our Weekend

We had a pretty full weekend that ended up being a really FUN weekend for everyone! On Friday evening, we went to my mom’s house to cook a homemade dinner for Caralee’s birthday. Mom made the BEST ever – beef and mushroom stroganoff – corn, crab dip, green bean casserole, rolls and banana spilt dessert. It was SO delicious!!!
Caralee and I ended up talking the husbands into playing some games with us, while the boys played in their room – and I think we forced some fun into them!
On Saturday, I dropped the boys and Tim off at his parents house (he is housesitting for them while they are on vacation), and I had planned to help set up for a surprise party, so that took Mommy out of most of the day – so after I was done, I headed back to the Weldon’s house to pick everyone up and we headed out for a night on the town! We went to a outdoor mall near us, (The Greene) and ate dinner, walked around, listened to a local band (the boys LOVED watching the drummers hit the drums really fast!) and then we walked to Panera for dessert and coffee. It was a perfect evening and even better- PERFECT weather. It is starting to get cool, now, at night – so that makes is really nice to be outside. . we are a ‘Fall’ family . . we just burn if ever in the sun, so we really enjoy evenings like this! Not only that – but we wore the kids out SO well that even PETER asked me to hold him on the way back to the car – and if I do say so, myself – we’re getting pretty good at this ‘wearing out’ thing!
Then, Sunday – we had early service, Tim and I taught Peter’s Sunday School class and then we went out to Sonic for lunch (Tim’s parents gave him $$ to thank him for helping them out the last couple weeks with this and that, which has made it VERY nice for our family to get the chance to go out a couple times while Tim is still without work) We sat in the ‘drive through’ which we had never done before. They had music playing – so both the boys ate and danced the day away in the car! We all took really nice LONG naps today – the perfect end to a perfect weekend!


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