Snowy Day!

It was a lot of effort.  
It took a long time JUST to get ready for.  
But, totally worth the freezing temperatures.
The boys had a blast and a half today!
Mr James told me that he was ‘all done’ . . . so, I took him inside, pulled the boots off his little feet, rolled up his pants so that the snow wouldn’t touch his skin as I took them off, took off his coat, gloves, hat and socks . . got him new pants, new socks, warmed him up – JUST IN TIME for him to ask me to go BACK OUTSIDE to play in the snow!  Ahhhh!!!!!!!

Throwing some good snowballs at Daddy.

Payback . . . 

Snowball FIGHT!!!
Making the largest Snow Angel known to man!

Playing ‘Snowball’ (instead of baseball!)

Peter got some really good hits in.  I was quite impressed!

Afterwards, I made everyone some nice, hot chocolate and we all ‘melted’ until dinner was ready.  
It was a good day for mac and cheese!!!!

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