Odd Order

For the last couple of weeks, Tim and I have been gradually teaching James how to drink out of a ‘big boy’ cup – no lid, no straw.  We are also going to be potty-training him soon . . . and at that thought, in the words of James . . “I don’t WANT to go potty in the big boy potty!” . . . so, this should be interesting.  The cutest thing that he now does is order.   We have taken him to a couple of restaurants where he will order his entire meal – super cuteness!!!  Here’s a one example . . . .

Waitress:  And what would you like for lunch?

James:  Grilled cheese sanmich.

Waitress:  Would you like fries with that?

James:  No. . . . FRENCH fries.

(Mom:  What do you say?)

James:  Please.

Waitress:  Sure!  What would you like to drink with that?

James:  Um . . . . . barooni and cheese (macaroni and cheese).

Mom:  No, James – what do you want to DRINK.

James:  OH . . . . .(thinking, thinking) . . . barooni and cheese.

Mom:  (to the waitress) . . . Chocolate milk, please.

We thought it was pretty funny – but, he now does this every time he orders.  We’re hoping it’s just a cute stage and that he doesn’t actually want to drink mac and cheese!


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