Showers of Blessings

My mom and I hosted a shower for my good friend, Kimberly – who experienced a tragic house fire which destroyed many things in their home.  The fire began in the attic right above the kitchen, so the kitchen was hit first.  I had a Pampered Chef consultant come and help with orders and we also welcomed any kind of gift card, toys or books for her three kids.  We had a great turn out and loads of fun!
Kimberly and her (oldest) sister, Sarah.
The Food Spread . . . yuuummmmmyy!
My mom . . . who is responsible for most of this great food.  She did a fantastic job!  She’s such a great host!
Looking at some of the fun books that the ladies got for Kimberly’s kids.
Good Friends!
Family and Friends!
The Pampered Chef Table . . . Kimberly got everything that she wanted!!
(I took string and attached each picture/item description of each item that she wanted, tied it around a flower stem, so that for each item picked to purchase they also got a flower to take home!)
Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make this night so very special for Kimberly.
She was practically in tears from being overjoyed!
She is so thankful for such great family and friends!
It touched her heart!

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