A ‘park’ – I guess.

The kids have been SO good the last 2 weeks . . . and with the weather being as nice as it’s been (mid 70’s – 80’s) I have been trying to make it MY priority to DO more and watch less (TV, computer, etc)

So, one day we went to a park.

A crappy park.

Apparently, the park had changed ‘owners’ and the city ended up owning this park rather than the previous business, so what I remembered about this place was all of the cool mini-parks and cool things to do and ponds full of fish and birds all over – NOT SO . . . they had stripped this place down to the bones!  There was, now, only ONE little mini-metal-set . . .

in fact, when Peter stepped onto the play set, he paused for a moment, looked to his right and then his left and simply said “Now what?” . . .  a capital ‘B’ for BORING!

We only stayed for a few minutes and then we headed off to venture for something a little more up our alley!

Still, with all of the borningness going on – I still got some pretty cute pictures out of them!

James would ONLY do and go where Peter did.

Peter – his usual smily self!

He looks like he’s in pain – but, honestly, he was trying to smile!

My Boys!


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