Disney World ~ 1.0

Peter’s first character picture . . . and first ride at Disney World!

The Pirates of the Caribbean!

James was horrified by this new character thing, so we held a screaming two year old while Peter had his very own picture time with Goofy  . . . he was quite excited about the ride too!   I thought for sure James and Peter would be besides themselves with all of the darkness and pirate-ie things, but they both really enjoyed it!  It was a good choice for their first ride – nice and smooth, no bumps or hills . . plus there were pretend doggies and chickens and goats on this ride, so that entertained James quite well!

Animal Kingdom!

It was stinking hot this day!

We had some major sun block on today.  Hot and sticky.  Ugh.

Needless to say, the weather did not stop us – however, we did ride all sorts of water-rides on this day.

We all went on a Safari ride, and Peter got to get up close to one of his favorite-in-the-world animals . . the giraffes!  Beyond excitement for sure!  It was a bumpy ride, but it just added to the coolness of the Safari ride.  Totally cool!

We brought a stroller for James (the same one we brought on the plane with us, from home) but ended up renting another one, for Peter.  Lots of people.  Lots of heat.  Lots of walking.

We thought he could use a break when he needed it.  It worked out nicely.

Peter got to go on his first water-ride, just with Grandma and Grandpa.  They came back almost as dry as they left, so Tim and I figured it wouldn’t be so bad to go on the same ride now. . . so off we went.

Well,  . . . let’s put it this way – there was much chaffing and soreness for the next couple hours for Tim and I!!!  I think someone had programed the ride to purposely DUMP gallons of water on Tim and I . . DUMP!   We came back to meet up with the kids and Grandparents and they got a GOOD laugh out of the sight of us!  It did cool off our rest of the day, though!

Peter in one of the fish tunnels . . . perfect timing on the fish’s part!

Our First Picture with Mickey & Minnie Mouse!

The boys, greeting Mickey and Minnie . . there was a LONG line for these guys, but well worth it!

The boys REALLY liked Minnie . . . I’m thinking it was the cool high heels!

Our Whole Family – getting in on the action!

Hanging with Dee-Dee!


One thought on “Disney World ~ 1.0

  1. Susan says:

    Looks like it was such a blast! I was wondering how James did with it all, as we are trying to figure out when Riley might ready. Maybe next summer…of course, the other issue is that we wanted Lil to be tall enough to go on the rides, poor little peanut. 😉 So glad you had such a great trip after such a difficult year!! What a blessing!

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