Young’s Dairy

Today we went to Young’s Dairy with some friends of ours . . . and despite James running away multiple times and loosing his favorite Nemo hat, we had a wonderful day – full of new and exciting things and GOATS . . . who doesn’t like goats??

Look how TALL we are!!!!

Hungry fellers . . .

Trying to reach the goats a different way

Petting the baby goat  (which, btw, are very similar to human babies, they climbed all over their mother!)

Cheesey Boys!

Making silly faces with their grilled cheese sandwiches!


2 thoughts on “Young’s Dairy

  1. Liz Cary says:

    Goats! James told me that my horse sound was really what goats say. The conversation was something like,
    EC: Neigh
    JW: No, that’s a goat sound. A horse says whinnnhieieie!!!
    EC: I’ve never heard a goat say neigh, James. Maybe ehehehe, but not neigh.
    JW: No, that’s a goat. . .

  2. So glad you posted about Young’s Dairy Farm – now i need to make a trip to visit. So nice to meet you the other night too. Your boys are too cute. 🙂

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