I have WHAT on my face???

~ Today’s conversation between James and I ~

(right after changing his diaper)

James:  Mom, what’s on your face?

Mom:  I don’t know, James . . what’s on my face?


(James walks up to me, smears his finger against my cheek, examines it)

James:  Oh, it’s just poop.

*sadly enough, it was poop.  I have NO clue in this world how I got that on my face . . . as I wiped the rest off my face and looked down, I noticed it is also on my pants, my shirt, the carpet . . . to which I replied . . .

Mom:  JAMES?!?!?  What in the world?  Was I knocked unconscious and you exploded on me?!?!?!?

This is still a mystery.

No one to this day knows how this happened.

To us, this is just another chapter in,

The Twilight Zone

. . . .do de do doh, do de do doh


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