New Hobby . . pushing buttons.

James is the last one sitting at the dinner table, finishing his broccoli salad . .

This is not an uncommon event.

James is usually the last one in our family to actually finish his food.

Not only to finish, but to finish chewing . . .


That child would sit there for days if we let him.

This was this afternoons ‘conversation’ – for lack of a better word . . . .

Scene – James, sitting alone at the table with two more bites left . . .

James:  Laa laa, dahhh dahhhh . . .

Mom:  James!  No talking until you’re done chewing and swallowing your food!

James:  Hhhhhmmmmmmmmm hhhmmmmm

Mom:  James . . . NO humming until you’re done with your food!

James:  *nodding obsessively

Mom:  James!!!!  NO moving, talking or humming until you’re done!  Child!


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