Birthday Month [1.0]

I turned 30 this year.


I don’t even like typing it.

But, I must admit, my friends and family made it super easy to do!  I actually had to ‘book’ people into October because I began to become busier and busier.

My sister, who works practically everyday, booked me as early as possible for a ‘day of fun’!  And, boy, she wasn’t kidding!  She took me to the Greene for shopping, lunch, a movie, a manicure  and dessert.  It was perfect!  She took me to The Cheesecake Factory and I had the best stuffed mushrooms and goat cheese/artichoke flatbread pizza EVER!  We topped it off with some coffee and then we went shopping.  After walking around a bit and stopping at some of my most favorite stores, we went to go see ‘Life As We Know It’ . .  it was a super cute movie!  Just loved it!!!!  After the movie, she took me to get my nails done over with a manicure, which we got to do together.  She added the bonus of having our arms and hands messaged .  . it was incredible!!!

{Funny Story}

We were able to get our manicures done at the same time, side by side, by two different people, so that we could chat.  Caralee’s person was an older male and I had a young lady.  When it came time for us to get our ‘sea salt scrum’ for our arms and hands, Caralee’s fella brought in this glass bowl of the mixture, with a metal spoon in it.  We weren’t really paying any attention, as we were deep in conversation . . well, that all changed abruptly when we saw him try to take the metal spoon out of the glass bowl and dropped the spoon suddenly, waving his hand in the air and chanting “Man, that’s hot . . whew”.  Then, he went back in for the spoon, and again, dropped it quickly and talked about how hot the mixture was,. . . Caralee and I were, to say the least, nervous about this, as he was now going in a third time to spread this high temperature mixture on my baby sisters arms.  She finally spoke up, quietly . . “Um, are you really going to put that on my arms??” . . he did.  She sat back and laughed . . “That’s NOT hot at all!!”.  Here, he’s a regular comic and was messing with us the whole time.  We got a really good and long, hard laugh out of that one!!

After we had our nails painted pretty and arms relaxed, we headed back to The Cheesecake Factory for some cheesecake ‘on the go’.  We were tired and ready to head back home.  We arrived back at my house and played with the boys a while, (of course, while we dipped into our cheesecakes!!).

It was the perfect day!!  I’m so blessed to have such a sweet and caring sis that would go out of her way to spoil me!!!  Thanks Caralee!!!!  Love YOU!


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