Funny Stuff

Some funny short stories about the boys. . . .

Peter sold nuts and chocolates to raise money for his school, and ended up getting first place for selling the most in his class and the entire Elementary School!  He was so excited!  The first prize winner would be sent home with a check for $25, so we were really excited for him.  Well, I went to pick him up from school, one day, and he came running out to me yelling “MOM!!!!  Mom . . I won 5,000 dollars!!!”.   When I told him that it was actually for $25 he was just as excited!!  Ahhh . . .the simplicity of money at this age!  Anything goes for a 5 year old!!

The other morning, I was putting on my make-up and James wanted to watch me, so he preceded to stand on the toilet and lean over the counter, which is glass tiling by the way . . . yikes!!  I said “James!  You may NOT stand on the toilet and lean on the counter, Sir.”  And, of course, James asked the famous 3 yr old question, “Why?”  I replied “Because you’ll break your face open”.  He thought about it, and then looked up at me and said, with his mouth open as wide as he could get it to go . . . “Like THIS?”

Peter came home from school and in the car we usually talk about his day, what he did, what he learned.  Before I could even get a question in, Peter exclaimed that the teacher’s children were arguing who loved Peter the most, and Rachel ‘won’ (Mrs. Ruths’ daughter) because she put the biggest sticker on one of Peter’s homework papers!

James loves to play roles.  I often hear Peter and James in a different room, playing ‘Mommy and Daddy’.  I’m almost positive it’s because they want open permission to boss each other around, but so far, so good, no complaints yet!  While Pete was still at school, James threw the ‘Role Game’ stick my way . . . .

Mom: James, it’s time to go pick up brother.  Put your coat on.

James:  I’m not James, YOU’RE James!

Mom:  Oh . . . and I guess that means that YOU’RE Mom!!

James: (in panic mode) NO no no  . . .

Mom:  Why not?  I’m James.

James:  Because I don’t know how to say ‘Mom words’!!

A couple evenings ago, we were all packed in the car, running errands with the boys, and I don’t really remember the entire conversation, but I do remember James saying something that was really obvious as a lie.  Now, this is something that Tim and I have been really nipping in the bud, so to speak, with Peter.  There’s no ‘half way’ truth, there’s no ‘forgetting’ right after being asked something.  There IS ‘not listening’, ‘not paying attention’ and ‘lying’ however!  So, James has just began his little own habit of anti-truth-telling.  It just never ends here!  So, anyway, he said something that was a lie, and Tim said to him, “James, are you lying to us?”  James replied, “No . . I don’t like wine!”  This was funny in itself, because I’m not even sure if he knows what wine is, so Tim responded, “Not ‘wine’ James, ‘lying’.”  James said “Oh, yeah, cause I don’t like wine”.  What a stinker!!


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