Little Moments from A Proud Mamma

Each year, for the last couple of years, we have, as a family, attended the CLC (Christian Life Center Church)’s Christmas Concert.

They have amazing musicians who attend and play there, and they always put on a fabulous performance!  They have choirs, soloists, what feels like an entire band/orchestra (really only about a dozen, but they all sound so good!!!) and a little something different, a ‘surprise’, if you will, each year to make it a little different and to add their own ‘special touch’.

This year, they’re unique ‘something different’ was a drum trio, done ‘tribal style’ to a Christmas Carol.  The main guitarist/vocal leader had put down his guitar and grabbed a couple of drum sticks.  They had, what looked like water, on each drum set, bouncing with each hit.  The lights went off, the drums began to play and you could see bright neon lights under each drum while it played and the water lit up like a stream of lights and it was soooo totally cool!

Peter has always been a big fan of drums, so this was completely right up his alley.  He watched without blinking.  He was shocked and amazed, to say the least.

At the end of the performance, we found out that it was actually small amounts of sand, not water, on each drum.  But, you could’ve fooled me!!!  I walked on stage to meet the keyboardist and to tell him what an amazing job he did!  I walked off and turned to find Peter walking up on stage.  He walked straight up to the leader, who played/sang and did his drum solo, and said something to him, the guy smiled, gave him a hand shake and then handed him a drum stick.  Peter walked off stage with his mouth about ready to hit the ground.  He walked back to Tim and I, and I asked him, “What did you say, Pete?”  He replied, “I just told him that he was totally awesome!”.   I looked at the drum stick he was holding and asked where he got it from.  He told me that the guy gave it to him, to keep!!!  He was so proud of his drum stick!  Tim looked at the guy to make sure that it was alright, and told Peter how cool that was that he got to keep the actual drum stick from that solo!  We began talking with some family members, and Peter suddenly disappeared.  I turned to look for him as he was coming off of the stage, and without his drum stick.  I asked where his drum stick went, and he said “Well, I gave it back to him”  I asked why.  “Because he needs BOTH drum sticks to play”.  I told him that they have plenty of drum sticks.  He said he knew.  The guy had told him that they have lots of those, but that he felt bad to take his drum stick.

It’s moments like these that make a Mommy proud.

That make me realize that, maybe I AM doing something right.

Moments that are not directed by me, but by the sweet spirit of my children.

The Lord IS blessing my efforts.

He is blessing my heart, as well.


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