Clifton Mill

Caralee, David and all of us here at the Weldon household like to go to Clifton Mills each year (sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas) to see the sights!  They seriously have the most amazing light show and display I’ve ever seen!  We always have a lot of fun with Caralee and David too!  Here’s some pictures from this year’s visit!

The ‘Water Fall’ – all lights, and some UNDER the snow!

Amazing Bridge and Mill

Some of the tallest trees you’ll ever see decorated!

Gift Shop and Snack Shop

They have a ‘light show’ every hour, on the hour.


After seeing the lights, visiting Santa’s workshop and getting something warm to sip on and a little bite to eat, we drove through a beautiful neighborhood all lit up.  Each house had their sidewalks, walkways and driveways lit up with illuminaries.  It was gorgeous!   Then, we headed over to Young’s Dairy where we ate a hearty dinner and topped off the chilly evening with nothing else but ICE CREAM, of all of the things to eat!  I know it sounds crazy, but when it’s the coldest outside, we tend to crave some frozen ice cream treat!  It was delicious!!!


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