Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with Tim’s folks.  We had a lovely dinner of roast beef with horseradish sauce, smashed potatoes, asparagus, broccoli, stuffed mushrooms and salad.  It was delicious!! . . . we were all pretty full after that meal!

After dinner, Tim and I had to quickly leave for church, as he was ushering and I was playing.  Dave and Dot took the kids to church for us, closer to the service time.  We had a lovely Christmas Eve service.  The walls were filled with Christmas carols, singing, organ/piano playing, bells ringing and a small brass orchestra who all did an amazing job!  I got to play a Christmas duet piece for prelude with another one of our church’s pianist, and good friend of our family.  It truly captured the meaning of Christmas.  The reason we celebrate.  The hope we have.

After the service, we greeted friends and exchanged hugs with our sisters and brothers in Christ, then headed back to Dave and Dot’s to exchange gifts.  The boys were incredibly spoiled by their presents!  Peter got a DVD  player! . . . and by DVD player, I actually mean a DVD player!  It plays DVD’s, MP3 (music) and CD’s.  It’s just incredible!

James got a Thomas ‘computer’ that he just loves

and the boys received lots of Veggie Tale movies and their ‘big’ gifts (under statement of the year) was a Thomas Zip Line:

along with Trio Blocks

and many other fun games and surprises!!!

Tim got his ultimate favorite snack food . . . GUMMY BEARS!  They also gave him a windshield cover (for ice and snow) and a couple of good reading books. I received a candle warmer and a really nice comfy music sweater . . . exactly what I wanted!  My mother in law also gave me a really nice, big roasting pan (which I used for our Christmas ham).

A couple of pictures from Christmas Eve:


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