Special Ornaments

As I sit here and look at my (VERY DECORATED) Christmas Tree, memories begin to unfold in my mind.

Tim and I decided from the very first year of our marriage, that we would gift each other an ornament every Christmas.  And, every year since, we have exchanged an ornament with each other on Christmas Eve.  We usually have hot chocolate or some cookies to munch on while we open our wrapped ornaments.

It’s the first thing we open each Christmas.

When we had Peter, we thought it might be a neat tradition to carry on with our children.  And, thus began the boys getting to open an ornament on Christmas Eve, to put on the tree before they go to bed.   They really have enjoyed this little tradition each year and often forget about it by the time the next year rolls around.  So, really – each year they get equally excited and equally surprised.  It’s works well for everyone!

Tim and I want each ornament to remind the other person of something special, something that represents the person from that year.  Whether it’s something that peaked their interest that year, a favorite theme/color, or something that they experienced fresh and new that year.

So, without further ado, here are some of those special ornaments with their memory and meaning:

This one Tim and I bought in Stowe, Vermont.  We went there to stay at a Bed & Breakfast to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary together.  We actually got our picture taken on this actual (life-size) bridge, too!

This was the first ornament I received from Tim, for our first Christmas as a married couple.  Also, the real meaning of Christmas!

This one is bitter/sweet:

This was given to me from my dear friend, Suzi, who passed over 2 years ago.  I believe it was also the last Christmas we celebrated with her, here on Earth.  She gave this to me, as I was very much WITH child (James).

Tim’s ornament for our first year as man and wife.

From some dear friends of ours, The Moads.

They open their home every Thursday evening our Bible Study.  They also open their hearts for our youth at church and are just very special to our kids and our family.

Peter’s ornament . . .I believe this one was for his 2nd Christmas.

James’ 2nd Christmas ornament . . .can you tell what his love was this year (and probably every single year for the rest of his life!)

Tim gave this one to me for our 2nd year.  It lights up and it’s super cute!

My ornament from Tim on our 4th Christmas.

This one is from my mom and dad.  They had someone hand make one for Caralee and David and Tim and I (and our kids, of course!)

This one we got in Alaska, on our Honeymoon.

James’ ornament from Suzi.

To Tim, for our 3rd year.

This one was for Tim.  Peter was our only child at the time.  Can you tell who is who??  🙂

Our 2nd Christmas, to Tim.

Our wonderful Disney Trip, this year!!

To Peter, from Suzi.

To Tim, last year.

This was the year Tim and I officially became insane.  We started our ‘Black Friday’ shopping at 9 pm the previous day and shopped all through the night and into the morning.  We picked up the kids at 11 am the next day and took a REALLY long nap.  We still are crazy, but we get such a steal when we go!!!

Parents-To-Be (with Pete)

To Tim . . . from the boys (even though it’s really from me!)

Tim’s parents took us on an extravagant trip to New York city the year before we got married, right after 9-11.

James’ 2nd year ornament.

My 2nd ornament, from my Husband.

Peter’s first year . . although he was 9 months in this picture (he’s a March baby!)

I gave this to Tim for our 3rd Christmas together.

James’ ornament for this year. . . again, with the Baa-Baa theme.

Peter’s ornament this year

Peter and Tim love watching The Penguins of Madagascar together!  It’s one of their little ‘bonding’ things they love to do.  It is one of those (few) shows that is entertaining for the adults as well as for the little tots.

Tim’s ornament for me, this year.

I don’t know if it’s more because it’s just cute, it plays Christmas music or because it reminds him of what our little puppy will do doing, soon, in our car when we go places (as soon as it gets warm enough, of course!)

So, I hope you have enjoyed viewing just a few of the ornaments that we have so proudly displayed on our Barney #9 (tree).


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