New Year’s Day [2.0]

Outside of the Creation Museum, they have a petting zoo.  The boys just love animals, but the further along we got into our day, the colder and chillier it got.  We only brought ‘heavy’ jackets, thinking it may rain, but instead, we got temperatures below freezing.  So, even thought the weather tried to keep us from being outside for long . . my rosey-cheeked boys insisted on going out to the petting zoo and getting some ‘hands-on’ time with the animals.

Trying to pet an alpaca with the sun in his eyes!

‘Well, if Brother can do it, so can I!’ . . .

The All-Time-Favorite-Dinosaur of my boys:

“Ok, Mom . . .now one with me growling like a dinosaur”!


‘Baby T-Rex’

We had our pictures taken in front of a green screen . . not knowing what they were going to put in the background . . and I think they turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself (which I do, and I did) !!!


What a fun day . . . long, but a total blast!  I think we’re going to keep hold of this new family tradition from now on!


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