My Silly Boys

This would be James, attempting to put his own ‘big boy’ underwear on . . . all by himself.

(sorry about the PG-13 picture . . . I just couldn’t resist!!!)


This is Pete’s Self-Portrait.  He has a little love-affair with my camera.


This picture is a little fuzzy, because I was taking it behind my back, so the boys couldn’t see me do it.  Peter and James decided to create a version (much harder, I must say, and a LOT ‘heavier’) of the ‘Potato Sack Race’.  They decided to use one of their toy baskets to do so.  Needless to say, they didn’t get very far, but it sure was fun listening to them work together as a team!!!!


This is our Cereal Collection:

aka: Get-Us-Through-All-Snow-Days-Stash

When the boys are in a growth spirt, you wouldn’t believe how much of this we end up going through.  Now, mind you, the Special K ones are mine . . .but who doesn’t enjoy a good bowl of cereal!?!?


Happy Snow/Ice Day All!


One thought on “My Silly Boys

  1. Erika says:

    Cute!! Love the cereal stash! I’d hide that Special K if I were you. I bought the red berries Special K for myself and ended up getting just one bowl … the kids and Joe ate the rest!

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