Everyone has a ‘James’!

So, the other day, I was attempting to express my mad grocery shopping skills out with the boys, who were tired and hungry.  I knew that our time would be short, so I ran through a Taco Bell and got them a Cheese-Roll-Up (aka: the biggest waste of money).  I was desperate.  It’s a tortilla wrapped in cheese.  The end.  I could make it with a fraction of the cost, but desperate times call fro desperate measures . . and they love them, so that made it worth it!

Side Note: I had a list of things I needed to purchase, because I was hosting my (first ever) Tastefully Simple party.  I needed about 5 pounds of cream cheese (slight exaggeration) and a few odds and ends, one of them being beer.  We were making their famous beer bread.  I have been told you can add other carbonated drinks, but had no idea what kinds to get, so I just took a deep breath and bought a stinking can of beer.  yuck!!!!!  I had no idea what kind, size, if there were different tastes . . nothing!  I just bought the cheapest one I could find and went with it.

So, as I am standing in line (after countless ‘Stop it, James!’ and ‘Get off the cart James!’ along with a couple of ‘Don’t do that again, I mean it!’) I had Peter help me load things onto the belt.  There was an older woman standing behind me.  I have found through the years, that the older you are the more understanding you become (at least in a grocery store) and she was complimenting me on how cute my boys were.  Before I could even get out my reply of gratitude, James speaks up, in his squeeky sarcastic voice, “Are you kidding me?!”.  I rolled my eyes, corrected him, apologized – just for her to say.  “Ahh . . yes.  I have a ‘James’ ”

I thought maybe she was just creating her own category using ‘James’ as the subject, but she was actually being honest . . she has a son names James and he was exactly like THIS when he was younger.  She shared a couple of stories about him, which were frightening familiar to my James’ young life and we laughed.  She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and said, “Just to give you a glimmer of hope . .  MY James is a doctor now!!!”.  I smiled, thanked her for her encouragement and finished bagging my groceries.

Who knows?  Maybe James will be a doctor someday.  Maybe a firefighter.  Maybe a Pastor.  All I know is that he’s going to be something great.  With his exploding personality, hard-headed will and behavior challenges, he’s got to be something important!!!  I just know it!

It just goes to prove . . . everyone has a ‘James’ in their life!  🙂


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