Lessons Learned . . well, almost.

One of the (many) things that I love about my husband is his time that he sets aside for our boys.  Not only ‘fun-daddy-playing-rough-house-time’, but ‘daily-evening-devotions-time’ (which means more and will last for an eternity!).

Our most frequent, consistently fighting ‘theme’ for this week between the boys is the “Yes I did!  No you didn’t!  Yes I did!  No you didn’t!” comments . . .that ring in my brain for the next couple of hours.  It’s silly and just flat out ridiculous!

So, the other day . . . during one of these fun moments . . I stopped them, told James to be quiet for a little bit and asked Peter what HE thought would be the best way to solve this problem.  He simply stated, “To ignore James or to stop arguing with him”.  I thought ‘Yes!  He gets it. . . he really gets it!’  I told him that he was absolutely correct and said “Haven’t you learned that yet?  Why do you, then, keep arguing with James?”

Peter’s response . . . “Dad and I haven’t done that in devotions yet, so I HAVEN’T learned it yet.”

smart aleck.


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