Square One . . .

Peter will be turning six soon . . . I know . . . SIX????  . . . who told him to do that?  NOT me!!!    So, there has been a lot of birthday-talk going on in our house lately.

Each year, for the boys’ birthday, they get to pick out what kind of ‘theme’ they want for their birthday party and what kind of cake Mommy gets attempts to make/create!

This year, Peter picked a Transformer Theme!  He just loves the movie . . because he’s a boy and he’s crazy.  🙂

In the car, on the way to school, I informed him that I had all of his class’s invitations in his book-bag to give out to his class today, inviting them to his party.   He was so excited!  I then said, “And, guess what?  I have been really thinking about what kind of cake to make and  . . . I’m going to make you a R2D2 cake!!”

Peter’s response was less than thrilled.  I believe, in his words, he uttered “Oh, man.”

I looked at him through the rearview mirror . . . “You mean you don’t want a R2D2 cake?”

Peter said, “I really wanted a Transformers birthday cake”

I said, “I know!”

Peter quickly added, “That’s a Star Wars cake.  I’ve never heard of a Transformer with THAT name before!”

I laughed and laughed.  Completely a ‘girly’ moment . . . I obviously didn’t know the difference and was even impressed that I said the things name right!  Now, I’m back to square one . . having to come up with an idea of how to make a flipping transformer cake.  ugh.    Oh, well . . . no matter how crappy it may look, Peter will still love it!!! (and that’s all that matters!)

Later, while still on our way to school, Peter spoke up. . . “I know you’ll probably keep forgetting, so I’ll go ahead and keep reminding you”.

Gee, thanks Pete.


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