Peter Turns 6!

My Little (big) Guy turned six this week.  He is growing up so fast . . I wish he’d stop it!

We decided, this year, to spare ourselves from complete and utter exhuastion and have a separate birthday party for just our family.  It’s a lot of craziness when you have a whole bunch of kids running around your house and the grandparents are trying to get in their special time with the birthday boy.

So, on Friday evening, on his actual ‘birthday-day’, we had my parents, Tim’s parents and Caralee and David over for dinner, cake and presents.  It was perfect!  The night was wonderful, tame and fun!  We had hot Italian Subs, stuffed to the rim (thanks to my wonderful Mother!!), lots of home-made mac and cheese, baked apples and cake and ice cream.  (and, of course, coffee!!)

The night was filled with stories and laughter over what the boys were talking to each other about, or ‘stories’ they were telling, or funny things they would do.  I definitely think we’re going to do birthday parties like THIS from now on!

He had his ‘big’ birthday party the next day . . . his entire Kindergarten class were invited, and everyone but 3 came!  I’ll post the pictures later (there’s lots of them!!)


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