[Peter’s Birthday Party!]

Being that Peter is now in Kindergarten and making all sorts of new friends in his class, his teacher has set-up a ‘rule’ that if you invite one friend from class, to any kind of party, you must invite all of them.  (which was totally fine with Peter . . . there’s NO way he would’ve been able to pick out just a few of them to invite to anything!)

Because of this new (great) rule . . . Tim and I decided to have a ‘family party’ separate from his ‘all class included’ party.   Peter picked his ‘theme’ (Transformers), his flavor of cake (confetti) and even got to stuff all of the party-favor bags.  He really had a blast putting things together, getting them ready and giving out his invitations.

Peter and James, both have learned to swim (as well as gymnastics) at a place called ‘Kids Are Tops’.  They just adore this place.  Well, Tim’s mom discovered that they reserve areas of their gym for birthday parties!  BINGO!!!!  That was the best news ever!  I really wanted something that wasn’t too complicated, a total disaster to clean up nor a hassle for any of the parents.  Everyone in Peter’s class, but 3, were able to attend, as well as some close buddies of his from church.  It was a total blast!

If you’re trying to count . . that’s 17 kids all together!!!

James, and some of the ‘younger crew’ weren’t allowed to be in the gym area with the older kids, but they made their own fun!!

After an hour of full-blown fun . . . the (slightly worn out) kids made their way to the back of the building where Tim and I had set up the birthday fun!

side-note: Peter has a new love interest at church.  Her name is Gina.  She is our Nursery Coordinator at our church.  I won’t post her age, but she is a little older than Peter (*wink)  He just adores this woman!  He (unbeknownst to me) invited her to his birthday party and so I quickly informed her know she was ‘off the hook’ to be required to attend a kiddy-party, but she asked if it was alright that she came.  I surely wasn’t going to turn down THAT request.  So, she was a surprise guest at his party.  She was waiting out in the hallway (ahem, with her husband) and this was Peter’s reaction:

To say the least, he was ecstatic!

Tim ordered pizza’s to be delivered and I made a green punch, green cake with bright green icing and an assortment of snacks for the kids (and adults) to snack on.  We even had enough to take home as leftovers!!  Score!!

Here are some pictures of Peter opening some of his presents he received from his buddies . . .



Peter’s Best Bud, Drew!


. . . more ‘Gina-Time’!

(under the supervision of her Husband  . . ha ha ha)

Now, on to the important things . . . hugging the girls . . .


The kiddo’s enjoying their pizza . . .


We really had a great time.  Best part of all – WE didn’t have to sweep up, clean the tables or put anything back.  Now, that’s what I call a true celebration!  I’m thinking we’re going to do it this way from now on!


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