Our Chatty-Cathy

James:  Oh, Mom, you’re so pretty.

Mom:  Well, thank you, James.  And you’re very handsome!

James: (thinking)  Well, maybe I can just be cool!

James was playing with a shark that he didn’t know the name of yet. . .

James:  What kind of shark is this?

Grandma:  That’s a Swordfish!

James:  Oh wow!  He has a sword!

Mom:  Hey, James . . . what does a Swordfish say?  (knowing he would have to make something up on the spot!)

James:  (in a high squeaky voice) They say, “Hi, I’m a swordfish!”

Peter had hist first school-buddy-play-date yesterday, and on my way to pick him up, James fell asleep in the car.  I sat in the car with him, as long as I could before I HAD to get him out to go inside.  I quietly unbuckled James from his car seat, lifted him up as he started to wake up.  He put his head on my shoulder and his arms around my neck and said,

“Can you please pass the syrup?”


James had a period of about 2 weeks that were quit miserable.  He behaved so poorly, I barely wanted to take him out of this house!  He did everything the opposite of what I asked.  EVERYTHING!  So, once that awful stage had finally passed by, he became an absolute delight!  He has been listening very intently to his nightly devotions as well.   The other night, while Tim was reading the boys their devotional, the subject was on how God is watching us, always.  No matter what, when or where we are, He sees us.   So, the next day, while his grandparents were taking him to his swimming lessons, James was walking down the hallway, followed by a group of little kids.  He turned around to them and shouted, “You better be careful!!!  God is watching YOU!!!”


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