updates on our norm

Since I am teaching Peter piano, Tim has been the official ‘helper’ during his weekly practice.

It’s so cute, I just HAD to take a picture of it!

While completely glued to the Television, I attempted to ask Peter a question about the Curious George episode they were watching about possums.  I knew that Peter knew the answer to the question, ‘How do possum’s sleep at night?’ . . but, again, far too distracted to think, let alone speak.  So, I beat George to the question, asked Peter, only to get this response,

“They play dead”

. . . he finally realized what he said, and quickly rebutted his response with the correct answer, but not before I got a good laugh out of it!


Notice anything wrong with this picture?

The Little Dude just can’t seem to get this ‘underwear wearing’ thing figured out, at least the correct way, yet!

One of our local malls has a train that travels all around the mall, inside, on the lower level.  The boys just ADORE this ride.  It’s like the mini-version of a real train ride.  A real Conductor, all dressed up (yep, overalls and all!), each passenger gets a ticket (and get it punched, like on Dinosaur Train) and they get to choose which colored car that they want to ride in!  The Conductor yells “All Aboard!” when the train is ready to move and he even has a bell!  Here’s a picture of the last ‘trip’ we took:


Peter had ‘Devotion with Daddy’ day at his school, so while they were enjoying their donuts together, I took James out for a REAL version of a breakfast, at my favorite spot . . . Caribou Coffee!!  🙂


Tim has had a rough couple of days at work.  He’s been going in early, coming home late, bringing work home to do.  If he HAS been sleeping, it’s been just a couple of hours each night.  I decided to run to one of our favorite chinese take-out places to pick up some of Tim’s favorite food.  We were given a ton of fortune cookies, so I shared a couple with the boys.  Now, I’m not a ‘believer’ in those cookies, I don’t think they really predict a THING – however . . . after James opened THIS one, I may be changing my mind about those cookies . . . (kidding, of course!)


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