No Explanation . . .

On our way to school, we passed a car accident that had just happened.  I mentioned to the kids that those cars were just in an accident and Peter said “That was so cool . . did you see that pillowcase?”  I  had a chance to  explain to Peter that car accidents aren’t cool at all, and that it wasn’t a pillowcase, it was the person’s airbag.  We talked about car accidents and how scary they can be.  James didn’t say a word during the entire conversation (which hardly EVER happens!) and just say and listened.  I dropped Peter off for school and headed back home.  While passing the cars once again, we noticed that one of the victim’s of the accident was being put onto a stretcher.  James pipped up, “Mom  . . are they broken?”  I told him that he may be ‘broken’ and that we should pray for the people in this car accident.  So, we prayed.  James prayed, “Dear Jesus, help those people to not be broke anymore”.   A couple minutes later, he spoke up again, with the most strangest question I’ve even heard come out of his little mouth . . .

  So, it would be wrong to run our car into Grandma’s house and knock it over into a pond where the sharks are and have it in a aligator’s mouth?

Where he gets some of these things that go through his young little mind, is just beyond me!!!


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