Cookie Pops

I L – O – V – E Garage Sales!  They make my heart happy (and my billfold)!

Every year, it has been our ‘new’ tradition, for my Best Friend (Becky) and I to wake up early and ‘hit the streets’ – so to speak – on a major sale weekend.  We call it The Centerville Days.  All sorts of neighborhoods and streets flood in with their open garages full of lost treasures for my wondering eyes!  We really have enjoyed doing this together every year.

My ‘big purchase’ (importance, not $ value) was this cookbook I found for 10 cents, for kids.  It was so colorful, I figured that even if the recipes themselves weren’t so hot, at least they could enjoy the sight of the book!

Then – Peter found this fun recipe . . . .

1 C sugar

1 C butter (softened)

1/4 t vanilla

1 egg

2 2/3 C flour

food coloring

I used this for my food coloring . .

(Peter looking through the beaters)

Peter, anxiously waiting for the timer to ‘ding’!

We made the boys’ favorite color cake pops.  James LOVES orange and Peter LOVES green – so that’s just what we did!

Bake at 375 for about 11-15 minutes, or until ‘cake like’ and a little brown on the edges.

They are yummy and delicious  . . . and who wouldn’t like cake on a stick??


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