Family Chores!

We decided (thanks to Andrea) to do a

Family Chore List

Each day of the week, Peter, James and I all have a list of chores to do that day.

I have always taught and expected the boys to pick up after themselves, make their own beds, practice their music, finish their homework and to clean up any toys that they are done playing with.  All good traits for them to learn, for a life-time!  They have done quite well with those rules too!

After reading a blog post from my friend, Andrea, I thought it was a brilliant idea to put chores down on paper, with a little bit of color, for them (and me) to read and do, {for the boys and myself}  This way . .  .

1) My house will always be tidy, if each thing is done each day

2) Dust Bunnies will no longer have a place in my house

3) The kids understand & love having responsibility at home

4) I don’t forget what I’ve done, or what I need to still do

5) I have a sense of accomplished – everyday!

I didn’t make a weekend list – mostly because we have our ‘larger projects’ over the weekends, and if we don’t have any . . .we spend the time with Tim, (when he gets the weekend off of work – not often) and just be together as a family!

I decided to add one more bonus for the boys.

For each chore that they complete, each day – they get one piece of candy.  Something small, like a skittle.  It doesn’t seem like much, but you wouldn’t believe how excited they get knowing that they accomplished their chores for the day AND that they get to have a special treat when they’re done!  I try to keep a candy in ‘The Bowl’ that they don’t often get.

Now – I’m not perfect (shocking, I know!)  . . .  so my daily chores (or the boys’ chores) don’t always get done on the day given . . but, we have done our best to keep to this schedule, and in time, we’ll only get better and better!


2 thoughts on “Family Chores!

  1. While I am honored that you are taking my lead just don’t go overboard like I did. We both tend to do that. LOL…Remember. Our kids are small and they will not always be small a dirty house can always be cleaned but we can’t get these days back..

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