My Busy Weekend

Now, I like to keep busy.  There are days where I would like to do nothing more than sit around and eat chocolate fudge ice cream all day – but this was NOT one of those weekends.

Tim surprised me and swept me away for the night, to Indianolis, IN for a little R & R.  It was wonderful refreshing.  After we got home, it was back to the grind for both of us.

Friday morning started off with Peter’s last Kindergarten Field Trip that I was to chaperone.  I signed him up to take the bus from the school and back so that he could spend as much time as possible with his classmates.  They just had a blast!!

Can you find the Dayton Christian Kids?

(school colors = purple & gold)Best Buds

Later, we hit a garage sale, where I got two sets of stamps for $5 a set!  Whoohoo!

Tim and I dropped the boys off at Tim’s parents and he and I went to a dinner with a couple of people from church.  It was a lovely evening!  Great food, good conversation and a fun game!  We picked the boys up, a little later than we anticipated and headed home.

Early – EARLY – the next morning, Tim got up, to fix the brakes on his parent’s van, so that I could take it to Englewood for a Surprise Wedding.  That’s right – I said Surprise Wedding!  This was a first for me!  I was out the door by 9:15 and didn’t arrive home until almost 4PM.  Here’s a picture that I took during the wedding – I was sitting on a balcony with my keyboard to ‘be heard and not seen’ so that everything was a total surprise for the bride and groom.
After I played at the Reception – the minister came up to me and asked if I had looked up at all while I was sitting on the balcony.  I said “no”. . quickly followed by a panic-stricken “WHY?”  –  thinking that there was a hornet’s nest above me, or a swarm of bees (which had been flying all around me that day), he replied, simply “Here, just come over here and look”.  I knew it was going to be not good!  I walked onto the balcony and he asked me to look down.  I did.  I saw – what looked like – rat poo.  I thought ‘That’s funny . . . how would a RAT be able to crawl up here?’  Then he pointed up . . . here’s what I saw – again – I cannot stress enough –


Those would be BATS.

Creepy, blood-sucking, sleeping bats.

There were two pods of them . . about 10 bats in each pod.  Oh my gracious!  It was truly the grace of the Lord that I did NOT know that they were above my head while I was on that balcony playing – at the highest volume possible!

After the wedding, I headed back home, we had planned to have family pictures taken at a farm and then we had a pig roast and fundraiser for our church’s mission’s trip until dark.

Even though it was quite the busy day – it was fun – and ended with me and a diet coke & frosty float.

All was good with the World, then!


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