COSI Giveaway!

COSI has a Dinosaur Exhibit this year – featuring animated Dinosaurs, 3-D Video Games, Hands-On-Fun and their newest addition to their Theater – The Story of SUE, in 3D!!!!  This was an adventure I’m glad that we didn’t miss out on!  Now, it’s YOUR turn to enjoy this amazing exhibit  . . . .and the best part of it??  It’s FREE!!!!

  COSI is open Monday – Saturday from 10AM-5PM and Sunday from 12-6PM

→Comment to this message to sign up for 4 FREE TICKETS to the Dinosaur Exhibit, 4 FREE T-Rex in 3D Movie Passes and the entire COSI experience on all COSI exhibits!!

6 thoughts on “COSI Giveaway!

  1. We would love to win these tickets! And with my teaching certificate, our whole family would be able to get in free! That would make for a fun and frugal outing!

  2. Sue B. says:

    I love dinosaurs, I have a granddaughter who loves them, and my name is Sue, just like the T-Rex! (Sue Branson)

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