Funny Conversations

9:00PM on a Sunday night – James: “Mom . . . Mom!!  Take off your pajama’s and look outside!  It’s not raining anymore so we can go to a garage sale now!”

While watching PBS . . . James: “MOM!  We’re not allowed to watch this!”   Peter: “James . . it’s a commercial.”

After a performance from my week at Choral Camp – James: “Oh, Mom . . you did a wonderful job with your voice.”  Mom: “James . . I played the piano, but thanks for the effort.”

The boys are sitting in the Family Room playing with their dinosaurs while Tim is watching American Pickers, a show about collectors and their findings.  A older man, with a big long, white beard and long white hair is on the screen – one of the sellers.  Peter yells, “He looks just like Jesus!!!!”  (apparently, Peter knows something we don’t)

Peter: “Look, Mom!  They have a phone as one of their toppings!”

Tim and Peter having a conversation about Lion King.  Tim mentions that he is not a fan of Lion King.  Peter asks why he doesn’t like the music and Tim replied that it’s just not ‘his cup of tea’ and then explained what the phrase ‘cup of tea’ means.  James piped in, “Dad . . you don’t like tea?”

Peter saw a elephant and donkey on TV and asked what they mean.  Tim told him that they mean the different sides of politics.  Peter asked what politics mean.  Tim explained that they are different views and opinions.  Peter, then, asks “So, the democrats believe in donkeys?”


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