James, oh James

Yesterday, Tim worked all day in the garage, giving all of our cars oil changes.  I stayed inside, for the most part, tidying up things around the house.  Peter had been outside helping Tim while James took his nap, and then once James got up, we had Peter take a nap (the summer months are catching up to his little body!).  Now, for being only 3 years old, we knew that James wasn’t going to be able to ‘help out’ as much as Peter . . . so, when Tim asked him if he wanted to help Daddy outside, he was ecstatic!   He said, “Yes!!!  Daddy . . high-five for the workers” and they high-fived each other.  It was pretty stinking cute!  As soon as they went outside, for James’ first task he was asked to hand Tim a box with a lightweight filter in it.  Not only did I have to explain the colors on the box, but I had to show him what it looked like, where it was in the garage and then physically hand it to James to give to Tim.  So, there wasn’t a whole lot of actual ‘work’ on James’ part, yet.  Once he finished his exhausting work, he went inside, where I found him playing with his cars.  I told him that he had two choices (and I don’t know why I still give my kids choices, it’s really quit a waste of my time) I told him that he could either go back outside to ‘help’ Dad or he could go with me to Sams Club.  He thought about it and thought about it.  He replied, “Um, I’m really tired from all of the working, so I just want to stay inside and chill out”.  Where do they get this stuff???

Dee-Dee (aka: Aunt Caralee) stopped by with Uncle David for a quick visit.  James was, as usual, in his high chair destroying his dinner.  After Dee-Dee greeted the boys she mentioned that she’s not staying very long.  James asked if she was leaving by herself, so she explained that she and Uncle David had to leave, because the were late for their next event of the day.  James said, “Wait, Dee-Dee!  I need you to stay for 5 minutes!!!”.  She laughed and said that she couldn’t because they were already behind their schedule.  James put both hands up in the air and shouted, “Dee-Dee, I really need you to NOT go by-by right now!”.  He’s very expressionistic with his hands, which I think he got from Grandma Weldon 🙂

At church, in between the two services, we allow the kids to have one donut during the donut/coffee hour.  Tim usually takes them into the sanctuary where they can focus and eat with minimal mess or clean up.  Tim had to run off somewhere, so I sat with the boys.  Now, most of the older men of our church enjoy giving our boys high fives on each Sunday.  It’s super sweet and the boys really feel like part of the church body – it’s also a ‘guy thing’, for sure!  So, while I sat there, and James finished his donut (and part of mine), I asked James to please throw away my napkin.  He walked around for a while, looking for (one of FOUR) trash cans in the foyer.  Tim saw one of our ushers reach out to James to give him give a high-five – James just looked at him and turned to walk away.  Tim stopped him in his tracks and pointed to the man and said “James . . . excuse me, he’s trying to do something”.  James turned to the man, looked at him, looked at his hand and kindly handed him his trash.  Later, after we all had a good laugh, I went up to the guy and handed him a $ and said, “Apparently, we have to tip you guys now!”  (hee hee)


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