Summer Vacation 2.0


Our first morning – we had a wonderful homemade breakfast by Aunt Catherine . . . yummy delicious!  The boys got to sit in their ‘special’ little stools at the counter, which made them feel really important.  They loved it!
We jumped into the Lake every afternoon . . it was pretty chilly at first, but we all adapted quickly.  This was the first year that Peter was the most comfortable in the water.  After the first day, he was letting Tim throw him in the air, spin him, toss him over the deck and they both just had  a total blast!  James . . . not so much.  He is taking swim courses, but still was not feeling it yet. Thank goodness for floatation devices! After swimming, Tim would play catch with Pete or the boys would go play in the yard, looking for interesting rocks.  We loved the weather there!  I would sit in the hammock and read, or nap while the boys would play on the deck.  Tim, the boys and myself took a nap everyday.  EVERYDAY!  I don’t think we have EVER, as an entire family, taken naps before, especially everyday.  It was awesome!

At night, we would gather around the grill and make smores.  I believe this was the first time James has ever had a smore.  It was just as messy as I remember them as a kid – but that is half the fun of them!  Peter made his own in the fire and really enjoyed it.  I love my smores burnt to a crisp, Tim is more of a perfectionist – so he made his own and spent way too much time perfecting it, but they look really good when he was done!{The perfect smore . . . created by Timothy Weldon}

James and Auntie Catherine!The boys got to stay up late every night and sleep in every morning (aka: The Perfect Vacation)  They slept in Tim and my room on the floor in sleeping bags – another first for them.  They just thought that was the coolest thing ever!  Each morning, they rolled up their beds and got ready for another full day of new adventures!












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