Fall Music Workshop

I had my Fall Music Workshop – (most favorite one of the year) …. I try to have one of these each quarter of the year.  The Fall one is especially fun – mostly because I’m totally in love with the Season – but also because of all of the fun things we get to do and make!  We start off with a pizza party, we tackle some music stuff (we worked on rhythm and twisting/making our bodies into different kinds of notes), make some take-home crafts and it allows all of my students to meet all of the other students … we always have a blast!  This was also the first year that Peter got to join us!  He was so excited and really enjoyed the whole day with the other students!

Here’s my craft table:

We used the flowers/leaves to cover pencils for Flower Pencils:

We made carmel apples:

And lots of yummy cupcakes:

We had hot chocolate with marshmallows:

This was our scarecrow head that we made:

I always enjoy hosting these and am hoping to have one before Christmas …. lots of kids, but lots of fun!












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