Christmas Time is HERE!

Downtown Dayton – Lighting of the Christmas Tree

This year was a little different and difficult – since we’ve been experiencing unusually warm weather – the traditional ‘freeze while we ride rides’ and ‘must have hot chocolate to keep body temperature above freezing’ evening was packed out the waazoo with at least twice the amount of people that usually come out to this event each year.  So, needless to say – we weren’t really worried about staying for the parade afterwards – instead, Tim took us all to EO Burgers and we had a wonderful, delicious meal, frozen custard and then walked around The Greene to look at all of the pretty lights and to do a little shopping with the boys.  Honestly – I kind of liked THAT more than staying Downtown …. LOVE!

Enjoying dinner at EO Burgers after watching the Christmas Tree Lighting Downtown

Clifton Mill

We go here every year – thankfully, this year (unlike last year) wasn’t nearly as muddy and cold, so that made our time much more enjoyable.  As we traditionally do, after we watch the millions of lights and a short show at Clifton Mill, we all head over to Young’s Jersey Dairy for a yummy dinner and their cheese curds.  The kids love doing this each year – and look forward to going with Aunt Caralee and Uncle David too!

Picking out our Christmas Tree (aka: Barney #10)

Our Christmas Tree

Visiting Santa Claus

Piano Christmas Recital

With PLENTY to eat!!!  The kids did such a great job this year – super proud of them all!

James’ Preschool Christmas Party

This is his best bud, Michael – they had an entire conversation – on stage, in the middle of one of their songs they were supposed to be singing – it really made his Mommy and I laugh!!!  We figure by next year, maybe we won’t have them stand by one another on stage …. they sure love each other, though!

(not a good picture – but this is the only one that James is actually looking forward!)

Mrs. Combs (James’ teacher) opening up his gift – quickly before the students dig into the bag! 🙂

James & Emma

Peter at his 1st grade class’ Christmas Party

He got to hand out little homemade dark chocolate mixes to everyone in his class …. everyone wanted to ‘open’ it like a present … so I think next year I’ll just give them fun-pads. 🙂

Peter’s School Christmas Program … (video to come) in the words of Peter, “Mom, I just can’t decide who to choose to marry …. (they’re sisters) they are both so good!” …. oh, boy.

Pooped out on Christmas fun (snuggling with Rudolph … his favorite toy!)

My Pinterest Idea …. had way too many of those ‘what in the world do I do with this button’ buttons!

The last Christmas Cards are going out and all of the presents are wrapped and put underneath the tree … Kids are making and coloring their Christmas pages, books and papers and helping me bake.  Tim is nearly done with work for a week of Christmas break and we have plenty of hot chocolate and warm blankets for lots of fun family movie nights!  Merry Christmas!!!


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