Christmas Memories

Christmas is a wonderful time – full of cheer, love and family memories.  I started this blog JUST for times like these.  I wanted Tim and I to remember the funny moments, the silly moments, the moments I thought I’d never forget – but sure am happy that I chose to write them down.  Someday, when Tim and I are completely senile, we will be able to look back and remember all of these moments, not the frustrating ones, not the aggravating ones – just the precious ones.

This year, I realized something – Peter is reading faster, longer and better than ever before.  He reads the Christmas carols from the hymnals, he reads labels to cereal boxes, he is even reading Scripture straight out of the Bible.  What did I NOT realize …. that he reads…….I’ll explain:

Every Christmas, Tim and I have gotten each other something, something-within-the-means-of-marriage-and-not-to-be-shared-with-anyone-else-kind of something.  So, this year was no different.  I just happened to have my gift to Tim already bought, wrapped and put underneath the tree.  A day or so passes, and one morning I hear Peter call out, “Mom!?!?  There’s a gift under the tree that says ‘To: No Buns – From: Round Buns’….who is THAT for?”  I quickly responded (slightly red in the face) “Ahhh…that’s right, YOU can read now!  Well, Peter, that’s really something that you’ll …, you see, when you’re married …, don’t worry about it”  I think our little silly tradition is going to have to be kept a little silly traditional secret now. 🙂

There are also those moments of just plaid proudness.  Good proudness.  Christmas Eve, we had Tim’s folks over for an early dinner, opening of gifts, dessert and coffee and just some ‘down time’ to sit and talk with them (usually it’s a time crunch or the evening is all about the boys, so we wanted to (selfishly) have our own time with them as well!)  I put the ham on the table, along with all of the other dishes, Tim filled everyone’s glasses, the boys sat in their seats and we joined hands to pray. Peter asked if he could pray and we agreed.  This was his prayer….

Dear Jesus.  Thank you that Grandma and Grandpa can be here with us on Christmas Eve.  Thank you for this food.  Thank you for all of the gifts, but we know that we don’t deserve any of them, only You do.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

Tim and I try not to laugh in front of the kids if they say something incredibly embarrassing or inappropriate …. now, mind you, we laugh our heads off later, but I think that laughter is also a huge encourager of bad behavior if it’s used in the wrong moments.  This wasn’t necessarily one of those embarrassing moments, but was definitely one of those hilarious, tear-producing moments…..

James had been begging, begging, I say – to use my ipod.  He even described it as the “thang you use to run (as he runs in place) up and down the streets”  So, I put the earplugs on his little ears and turned on some upbeat Christmas songs.  As you know, when a person has earphones/plugs on, they tend to talk loudly – which is exactly what James was doing.  I would even go as far to say ‘yelling’ …. I was finishing up a project and had some leftover string on the arm of the chair, and he yelled, “MOM!  Do you want me to throw this away for you???”  I told him that was fine.  He yelled “What?”  I, again, told him that it was fine.  He yelled, “WHAT???”  I yelled back, “YES!  YES!  You can throw that away!” … he looked down and then looked back and me and said, politely, “No, thank you”.


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