Update on Susie:

I write this post in udder praise to our Father.  Just an amazing story of faith, assurance and hope in God, our King!  To Him be all of the glory and honor and praise!!!

3 days after brain surgery, Susie is home!  I can’t believe it.

It feels great to be home.  Susie will still need to rest quite a bit as she recovers.

The kids are excited to have mommy at home.  Please keep them in prayer as they adjust to mommy needing to rest, and with the black eye and stitches that she has.   Talya said, “I don’t want to see mommy’s funny face!”

God continues to show Himself true to us each and every day.  We know we have a journey ahead, but as I was reading in Exodus this morning, God told His people to just take the manna they needed for that day.  In the same way, we are trusting God for what we need today, and not worrying about tomorrow.  Such a simple task can prove to be quite difficult.

This was updated by Susie’s husband, Ben.  It’s such a great feeling knowing that she gets to be home – and so soon – with her beautiful family!  Also – they did an ultrasound to check on that sweet baby growing inside her – and all is well!  Amen!!!

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