Oil Change

Tim and I lead a ministry in our church called, simply, Oil Change.  It would seem that the title kind of perfectly describes our mission, but it goes so far beyond a simple oil change – we aim to touch the lives of single moms, wives with husbands serving overseas and widows.  We are called to be the salt and light of this dark world – and in giving of our time, our gifts, our abilities and our love, we can serve these broken people (as we all are) better for His glory.  Some of these women are at the end of their rope.  Some have major financial struggles and don’t know how they are going to pay the next bill.  Some of these women have children and are looking for an extra meal that day for their kiddo’s.  Some of these women have been forced to live in a situation outside of their control, and are completely unaware of the problems that their cars are experiencing.  That’s where WE come in!

We do it all.  Everything from changing and replacing filters, to topping off all fluids, sometimes we do brakes, sometimes we buy them new tires …. once, we even gave a single mom a car!  We have many men, in our congregation, who know a little something or two about what’s under the hood of the car (understatement, for sure!) and they are drawn to help these women.

Indoors, we have women from our church who get to meet, talk and often have the chance to even pray with these mothers.  We have ladies who make home-made goodies to share.  We have ladies who give a helping hand, who bring their children to play with the other kids, who sit with these women who are alone and just be a friend ….. you never know who will walk through our front doors ….. we may be the only Jesus they’ve ever seen.

Here are some pictures from our last Oil Change, last Saturday.  We had the MOST women signed up – that we’ve ever had before.  18 women!!!!  God was soooo good to us.  Despite the low attendance in help, and despite the stormy weather that was predicted, we were able to finish all their cars, before 1:30 AND with the added blessing of perfect, sunny, clear skies!!!  He is good – always!

My two biggest guys – hard at work!  Peter was beyond thrilled that he was allowed to help out this year.  He really, literally, got his hands dirty and you would have thought he had won the lottery!  It was a true blessing to watch him learn about this ministry and share in it’s blessings!

This was ONE of THREE tables full of supplies, filters, oil, etc.

This table was also almost completely cleared off by the time they were done.  Crazy!

We even had some of our Youth Group guys show up and give us a hand!!  It was awesome!!!

We will have two more of these, Lord willing, before the calendar year draws to a close.  If you are interested, at all in assisting, in anyway – by attending, baking, childcare, car repair, tools or monetarily – we sure could use your help! 🙂


One thought on “Oil Change

  1. Wayne Toms says:

    Good job! What a wonderful way for the church to help people in need. Both their cars & their spiritual needs. Grandma & Granpa Toms

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