Weekend of Crazy!

Oh my goodness!  Our weekends have been a little nuts around here ….. super busy, crazy running around, event after event after event – and it’s not even Summer vacation yet!!!!!!!!

A few weekends ago – this was our weekend ….

The weekend started off with a birthday sleepover – for both boys.  They had a TON of fun – and my friend threw a phanominal party, but going to bed late and waking up early make for some pretty tuckered out feller’s.  So, after Tim pulled a 4 hour shift at 6AM on Saturday morning, we were off to Peter’s school for their first ever School Fair.  The boys had a lot of fun playing games, ‘fishing’ for prizes, winning some passes to the skate rink, eating pizza, playing with school friends and all that good stuff!  Tim, then, dressed Peter in all of his baseball gear, and off we went to his game.  He played for 2 hours and then back in the car we went.  Now, another important fact to note here is that the weekends temperatures were HOT HOT HOT!  So, needless to say, mid-day Saturday, we were all a little sunburnt.  ouch!

Here’s the boys in the car, after the game ….

We had to run home so that I could make a side-dish while the boys catch up on their sleep.  Then, Tim loaded the car up with our corn hole board and bags, we got the kids up, dressed and off we went to a pig roast/mission-fundraiser for our church.

This is a picture of James and I after we got our face painted…

THEN …. the teenage girls (in our Youth Group) asked if they could do more … so, being the good youth leader I am, I told 3 teenagers to do “Whatever they wanted” ….

THIS is what ‘whatever you want’ LOOKS like …..

Even though we had a SUPER fun, fantastic weekend – unfortunately, sometimes the Lord gives us a complete halt in the busyness of our lives.  And that halt for us was the stomach bug.  It started with Pete.  He’s a little bit of ‘milker’ when it comes to being sick.  When he’s sick – he’s actually sick – but, he lets it go a lot LONGER than it usually needs to go.  So, he was out for 2 days, missed one full day of school, and passed it along to Tim, who had it for only one night.  James had it too, but once he got it out, he bounced back and was back to his normal self.  I – thank the Lord – didn’t end of getting it – merely for the reason that I was the cleaner/sanitizer of every surface, every bathroom floor and toilet, every blanket, sheet or pillowcase and sprayed my house down like no-one’s business.   I had a sour stomach for a day, but nothing ended up coming from it.

This is a picture of Peter, thinking for sure that he was still under the weather, but determined to get back to normal play…

That would be his barf-bucket, and his play guitar.  He totally passed out (asleep) with the sun beaming into his room.  He even managed to tuck himself in his blanket  – ALL on the floor. (next to his bed) Pitiful, isn’t it? 🙂

The Lord knew we needed some down time – so down time it is!!!


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