All Things Fall



Fall, undoubtedly, is my absolute FAVORITE of all seasons.  Here’s a list of things that I look forward to every year (as well as my kids) – it’ll definitely put you in the mood for Autumn and all things Fall!  Enjoy! 🙂

Fall brings decorating Pumpkins, with good buddies:

Fall brings little boys dressed in strange characters:

Fall brings little brothers the chance to throw something and not get in trouble:

Fall Brings Back-To-School & New Teachers:

Fall brings First-Day-Of-School special lunch-outings!

Fall brings School Feasts & Programs:


Fall brings some of the Whitest Indians you’ll ever meet!!

Fall brings special Mommy/Daddy trips to a cabin far, far away:

Fall brings Hayrides:

Fall brings yummy recipes:

Fall brings the beauty of God’s Creation:


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