New Beginnings ….. [for my lil sis!]

Another Amazing, Sweet and Cuddly new beginning, that we all got to experience, was my little sister having her first baby!!!!!

Now, I’ve heard from Caralee that being an Aunt is such an incredible feeling.  She, herself, was in doubt and thought that her friends that were aunts were a little silly for pouring out so much ‘bragging rights’ about their own nieces and nephews, until I had Peter and James and then Caralee said she was immediately transformed into ‘crazy aunt mode’!  So I knew, slightly, what to expect.  However, even still, I surprised myself ….. I thought ‘how could I possibly love anyone equally, like I love my own children’?  But, I believe I do!!!

We got ‘the call’ around 5:00 AM, “Caralee is at the hospital and she’s contracting really close!” …. wahoo!!!  I immediately jumped up, got dressed, collected the things I wanted to take to the hospital, while awaiting this little sweet pea’s arrival … only to have been stopped by my husband’s question … “Exactly what do you plan on doing with our boys, who are still asleep?”.  Oh, yeah.  I have kids too, don’t I? 😉

So, despite my alertness and quick emotional high, I had to pace around, practically leaving a ring in my carpet, awaiting for my own children to awake from their deep, (in my opinion, slightly unnecessary) slumber.  How dare they sleep!  Don’t they know my sister is having a BABY?!?!?  So, I waited, until about 6:20 – until I could wait no longer.  I woke up the boys with the good news, and they – as quickly as I did – jumped out of bed and got dressed.  I packed their book bags and made their lunches, and out the door we went.  Peter wanted to see his aunt before he went to school, so we stopped by the hospital on our way to Dayton Christian, and Peter got to see ‘Aunt Dee-Dee’s baby bump one last time.  He kissed his Aunt and then off to school we went.

 {we say morning prayers, every morning, on the way to school, so this particular morning was especially special because all of our prayers were for baby Owen and Aunt Dee-Dee.  Pete prayed that the Lord would be with her, help her to have a safe and quick delivery and that He would watch over them.  James ….. he prayed something to the effect of “I pray that Baby Owen is cute”…. thankfully, BOTH of their prayers were answered with ‘yes’!!}

Baby Owen Graham was born on September 4, weighing in at 7.6 pounds.  He is just the cutest!!!




Instantly in love with this little guy ….. how stinking cute is he?


Even though I would rather do so much more often, we are able to visit him at least once a week.  Peter and James just eat him up!  Tim loves holding him like he once held our own little babies – like a football, and I just enjoy kissing his little chubby cheeks and listening to him coo.



That’s our most funnest …. yes, I made that up …. news so far this year!  Being an aunt ROCKS!



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