A ‘James’ Story

There are many things that have now been referenced to as a ‘James’ – as though it were a verb instead of a noun.  For instance …. falling off of a chair just by sitting still, eating a yogurt and spilling the entire thing all over his clothes before his first bite, cutting his own hair just 3 days after a professional haircut, throwing a ball into the air to kick it only to have the ball hit him in the face (knocking him over) …. such things as those examples!  It’s become quite the ‘household’ name!

Recently, my hubby asked if I wouldn’t mind going to a parts supply store to pick up a part we had special ordered for our sink, a week prior.  Now – for you moms – you know, ‘wouldn’t mind’ has a completely NEW meaning when you know for a fact that you’ll be taking the kids wherever you ‘wouldn’t mind’ going!  That puts things under severe consideration in my house.  Mostly, because we are blessed with an obstacle, named James.  However hair pulling, mind blowing, jaw-drop-embarrassing things may get with him …. I look back over these kinds of posts – MUCH later – and laugh to tears!  It’s TOTALLY worth it in my book!  Anyhow, after much pleading threatening the children to PLEASE not touch ANYTHING ….. explaining to them that this is a ‘man store’ ….. all they sell is parts.  No toys.  I even described to them the smell which they will experience with a man-operated storehouse.  As we walked in, I instructed the kids to just sit quietly and wait while I pay for the part.  While the man is writing up my receipt, James puts both hands on the counter and tilts his head and says to him, “So, is it really true that ALL you guys sell here is BOY PARTS?”  Now, I’m not sure how ‘mans store’, ‘no toys’, ‘only parts’ and ‘bad smell’ turned into ‘they only sell boy parts’ …. but, it sure got the entire store into an uproar of laughter!

After 23 different shades of red, my face did eventually turn back to it’s normal-pasty-whiteness and we were ready to hit the road ….. but, not until James – in attempting to get off his seat – fell WITH the chair, tumbling himself and chair together in one fell swoop.  Instead of crying, being embarrassed, complaining of being hurt or turning around to PICK UP the chair …. James jumps to his feet (as though a sergeant had yelled, “Atten – tion!”) and quickly spits out, “That was an accident, right mom, right?  I won’t be in big trouble, right mom?  Because that was just an accident, right mom, right?”  My, oh my.  I have my hands full.  But, I sure love it!



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