Last Day of School

The boys attended two different schools this year.  James had his last year of Preschool at the Preschool that I teach at and Peter attended Dayton Christian for the third year.  I was one of those moms who refused to send my kids to preschool.  I figured it would be such a waste if I could do it from home!  I mean, come on …. it’s PREschool!!  How hard could it be?  So, that’s why we didn’t send Peter to school until Kindergarten.  However …… then we had James.  He was so different from Peter, in every way.  I knew right away that he would benefit tremendously from attending a Preschool, and a dear friend of mine offered to help with the cost if we were interested.  It was a perfect match!

So, for the last two years, our little James went to Preschool – and loved every minute of it!  I’m SO incredibly thankful for the help and guidance of my friend who made it all possible!

These are pictures of James’ last day.  He got a certificate that had some of his best contributing character qualities on it and each student received a special gift from their teacher (Mrs Trick) …. whom I had the privilege of working with this past year.  She sure loves James!ImageecuaImageImage

Peter finished 2nd Grade this year ….. and, as God’s providence would have it – he had the great honor to have the SAME teacher he had for Kindergarten, again, as his 2nd grade teacher.  Mrs Ruth has been such a godly example of patience, guidance, grace and love.  We just could not have asked for a better teacher for our Peter.

   So, as to be expected ….. Peter had his fun with his classmates on their last day of school.  Nothing excites little boys more than having the opportunity to take full advantage of being as goofy as possible with their friends.  No matter how close they actually were during the entire school year …. they are ALWAYS best friends on the last day of school.ImagePeter’s ‘BFF’ (as they call each other) … MattImageImageImageOur dear, sweet, Mrs. RuthImagePete’s 2nd Grade ClassImageWe couldn’t have asked for a better school year for both our boys.  We are blessed!  With the next school year just around the corner, we look forward to having both our boys attending the same school (sure makes it easier for travel) and having new opportunities with new teachers.


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