Micah’s Journey]

This pregnancy has, most definitely, been the most interesting, challenging, emotionally straining, exciting and most exhausting thing I’ve ever experienced.  I was only 23 when we found out (by surprise) that we were pregnant with Peter, our first child.  Looking back, almost 10 years later, it seems like a lifetime away.  The differences of my pregnancies are staggering.  With my first born, I had some dry heaves ….. sure, a little nausea …… I remember feeling restless near the end of that pregnancy, but then once I was pregnant with our second child, those things seemed so silly.  I was much more sick with my second one. I had MAJOR motion sickness.  I couldn’t be driven anywhere without feeling or getting sick, at some point.  I got sick in airports, on vacation, in the shower …. it was pretty miserable for a time, but ….. then it was done.  I had tons of energy with my second baby. I remember the night we were supposed to go to the hospital – for my induction – and I dusted and vacuumed the entire house …. at 38 weeks, and without loosing my breath or immediately regretting that decision.

Even the birth, itself, was entirely different.  I was induced 9 days early, with Peter, due to low platelets.  I was forced into labor, all night and all the next day.  They had to break my water, and still, he didn’t want to come.  I was in labor for nearly 20 hours.  Nothing.  Epidural.  Pushing for 3 hours.  Nothing.  Episiotomy.  Nothing.  Finally, they used a suction cup and forced this stubborn child out of me!!  Interesting experience for a first-time mom.

My second one was MUCH easier.  Induced, again, but only this time 14 days early.  Lower platelets.  Later epidural.  Less than 10 hours of contractions.  20 minutes of pushing.  Done.

I am SO curious to see how this one will go.   Not only has each pregnancy been completely different from the other ones, but there will be 6 years in between the last two pregnancies …. I’m also 20 pounds lighter with this child.  I felt this baby move, the earliest.  I had morning sickness, with this child, the longest (27 weeks solid, and then every couple of days following).  I have been the most active, still, with this one.  I have had the flu, two sinus infections and a kidney stone with this one.  And, with each one of those things, being pregnant complicates each one.  Medications aren’t as available, or allowed to be taken.  Doctors are hesitant in prescribing anything.  And, then there’s the high chance of those things making you feel sick, anyway (as do my prenatal vitamins).  My platelets are still low, in fact, I’ve been seeing a hematologist from the get go.  He has been closely monitoring me, which has made some months filled with doctors appointments, weekly.  I have been poked and prodded more than the Phillsbury Dough Boy.  Thankfully, I’m completely used to it by now, so it’s not even a big deal.  The boys think I’m super mom, though, with all of the needles and blood work I’ve had to do.  But, praise the Lord, my platelets have stabilized (though they’re still low, they’re not at a dangerous level).

So, here’s our journey with baby Micah, so far …. all in pictures! 🙂

It all started with a test. 😉

My 12 weeks baby bump



18 Weeks

23 Weeks

ImageAlmost 30 Weeks
ImageAlmost there!!! (33 Weeks)



So, with the Lord’s provision, I am almost there!!!  It’s been a long journey, but I am so excited to see what little Micah will look like.  How his personality will differ from my other boys.  How the boys are going to interact with him and how much they’ll love on him and help out!  We’re all pretty stoked!


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